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What an amazing resource George has become. During my last 2 roles as a DOSM change is inevitable and one needs to find new team members. Not only was George very professional and understanding of our business model but so where the candidates that he put through. In one example, we had 1 role open and he presented 3 qualified candidates. They were so good, we hired all 3!! Thank George you are a true gentleman, professional and someone that I look forward to working with again!


Marshall, Vice President of Regional Sales




George was a great resource for me from start to finish in my job search and then my transition to my new role. Throughout the whole process he continued to check in with me and make sure my concerns were being addressed and all my questions were answered. I am very grateful for all his help and his genuine care in my job placement. I would highly recommend working with George for any job search needs.


Connie, General Manager




I worked directly with George on several candidate searches and I could not be more impressed with his professionalism, understanding of client / organizational needs and incredible response time to every aspect of the process. More importantly, as a recruiter, he simply uncovered and presented the best talent I have seen from any recruiter. The number one challenge facing the Hospitality industry is finding and keeping the best talent; using George will give you a leg up on this challenge and you won't be disappointed. 


Chris, Vice President of Operations




Working in the industry for over 12 years, I have been contacted numerous times by hospitality recruiters. Somehow, nothing ever clicked with any of the dozens of people that contacted me before. George was knowledgeable, interested, genuine and definitely a true sales person at the core. I was able to get the promotion I was unknowingly yearning for, thanks to George’s good judgment and instinct of what was going to be a good fit for the company he was searching for and the talent he was presenting... me. Thank you, George. I owe you Big Time.


Ruben, Vice President of Sales




George is the real deal! Exceeded in every category and delivered top candidates and wise advice. It started just like any of the hundreds of sales cold calls I get routinely. But that is where the similarities ended. George dug deep into the specifics of what I really wanted in candidates, and then found them. This is not a recruiter looking to fit his candidates into your organization. He is going to find exactly what you want and be a great resource through the entire process. If you are looking for a true partner in your search for top talent, look no further.


BJ, General Manager, Casino




George was one of our exclusive partners and he has placed several key staff members in our organization. He maintains a wide network of qualified candidates which enabled us to fill the vacancies fast with already pre-screened candidates. I highly recommend George for any recruitment services.



Klaudio, Vice President of Operations

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